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Financial Assistance Policy

Our mission at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center is to care for patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

To the extent that resources are available, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center does this with deep sense of respect and compassion for our patients. Our Financial Assistance Policy outlines how we are able to extend our healing ministry to all.

Our Financial Assistance Policy exists to:

  • Further the mission of providing health care regardless of the patient's ability to pay for services;
  • Ensure that patients without insurance will be treated fairly and with respect during and after their treatment, regardless of their ability to pay for the services provided;
  • Provide financial counseling to all uninsured patients to determine eligibility for free or discounted care. This includes assitance in understanding and applying for local, state and federal health care programs such as Medicaid and HCAP;
  • Discount all amounts due for uninsured individuals not qualifying for free care. Describe qualifications for eligibility for the uninsured patient to receive discounts equivalent to those most commonly billed to Medicare and commercial payers. (AGB %)

  • Offer discounts on balances after insurance for individuals who qualify based on our Financial Assistance Policy
  • Establish reasonable, interest-free payment mechanisms, for patients over income for discounts, based on the individual's ability to make payments;
  • And to not pursue extraordinary collection actions for nonpayment of bills against any patient who meets the qualifications of our Financial Assistance Policy. Before taking legal action for nonpayment, we will ensure that the patient is not eligible for any assistance program and does not qualify under the hospital's charity care policy. We will not pursue action if the only recovery available would be to place a lien on the patient's home that results in a foreclosure activity.

How do I qualify?

Patients without any third-party healthcare coverage will be eligible for free or discounted care as described in the Financial Assistance Policy. Patients with health insurance and having balances that they are unable to pay may qualify for discounted care through the Financial Assistance Program. Qualification will be determined through the application of objective criteria established by the hospital and based on amounts generally paid by Medicare and Managed Care payers. Qualification will be determined after completion of a Financial Assistance Application and financial screening. The Financial Assistance Application can be found here.

How does the process work?

At the time you are scheduled for services, we will review your insurance status. If you are uninsured:

  • All patients without health insurance receive a discount on services at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center.
  • You will be referred to a financial counselor who will explore if you are eligible for government or third party payment programs (i.e. Medicaid, HCAP, Health Insurance Marketplace plans)

  • You will be informed that you are expected to comply with applying for health insurance. If you do not comply, you may no be eligible for additional discounts under this policy. Certain exemptions may apply.
  • If you do not qualify for additional discounts through our Financial Assistance Program, an affordable payment plan is available.
  • Discounts for uninsured patients meeting the requirements of the St. Vincent Charity Financial Assistance Policy

Federal Poverty Level Discount on Charges
At or below 200% of poverty level Free care
201% to 400% of poverty level AGB-70 %

If you are insured with an income below 400% of the poverty limit and have balances after insurance pays that you cannot afford:

  • You can apply for assistance through our Financial Assistance Program and may qualify for free or discounted care based on your income. If you do not qualify for our Financial Assistance Program, a financial counselor will establish an affordable payment plan for you. Contact a financial counselor at 216-694-4652 or 216-694-4653.
  • You will have to complete and sign the Financial Aid Application and supply income verification documents to qualify. The Financial Aid Application can be found here.

Household Size 100% 200% 300% 400%
1 12,140 24,280 36,420 48,260
2 16,460 32,920 49,380 65,840
3 20,780 41,560 62,340 83,120
4 25,100 50,200 75,300 100,400
5 29,420 58,840 88,260 117,680
6 33,740 67,480 101,220 134,960
7 38,060 76,120 114,180 152,240
8 42,380 84,760 127,140 169,520
For each additional household member add: 4,320 8,640 12,960 17,280

For more information, contact a Financial Counselor at 216-694-4652 or 216-694-4653.

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