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For 150 years, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center has remained a pillar of our community, providing quality healthcare and remaining true to our founding mission. Today, we embark on a new renaissance, to match that of our great city. Taking care beyond medicine. Helping families find strength. Making a difference for Cleveland. For one another. For all.

From giving hearts to loving hands

In the next decade, we will phase in a more than $125 million vision for an integrated medical campus in downtown Cleveland. With $34 million committed, we launch Phase II of that plan, a four-year effort to raise $50 million in philanthropic support for critical improvements, including:

  • $7 million / Re-imagined Patient Experience, including main entrance, family waiting areas, expanded dining, improved way-finding and updated public areas
  • $5.5 million / Facility Expansion and Renovation, including further expansion of dedicated geriatric psychiatry unit, second catheterization lab, renovated outpatient pharmacy and energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives
  • $2.25 million / Fund for Greatest Need provides flexible resources that help where patients need it most
  • $1 million / Endowed Chairs in Department of Medicine and Medical Residency
  • $250,000 / Honor our Founders' Legacy with an interactive display to celebrate the legacy of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine
  • Phase III $75 million / Surgical Pavilion with state-of-the-art operating rooms for outpatient and inpatient surgery, private space for recovery from surgery, dedicated space for non-invasive and diagnostic procedures, streamlined admitting and preadmission testing, comfortable lounge areas for family and friends, private consultation rooms for family and patient visits with physicians

Your gifts, no matter the amount, save and change lives for the better, help families find strength and comfort when they are most vulnerable, and allow those in the grasp of addiction to find freedom and support.

Your generosity ensures that Cleveland maintains its downtown hospital, a treasured asset in the healthcare industry, one of this city's renowned economic drivers.

Your support affirms your belief in the role that faith-based care has for all patients, regardless of religion and ability to pay.

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Join us in our 150th year of service as we launch a more than $125 million vision over the next decade for an integrated medical campus in downtown Cleveland. With $34 million committed, we begin with Phase II, a four-year $50 million plan to support critical improvements. Learn more