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CARITAS event celebrates St. Vincent Charity Medical Center caregivers and commitment to the community

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Posted on October 20, 2017

CARITAS event celebrates St. Vincent Charity Medical Center caregivers and commitment to the community

We extend sincere thanks with all who attended and supported CARITAS 2017, our annual celebration of St. Vincent Charity Medical Center’s commitment to combining clinical excellence with human compassion for all our patients. 

For more than 150 years, St. Vincent Charity has been caring for the Cleveland-area community. As a Catholic hospital with a mission rooted in the legacy of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine, we have always served all people and ensured access for those who are on the margins of society. As a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System, our program strengths are the Center for Bariatric Surgery, Spine and Orthopedic Institute, and Behavioral Health and Addiction Medicine

For 65 years, Rosary Hall has been a beacon of hope to those who suffer from addiction. We live today in the midst of a public health crisis with opioids and the devastation they are wreaking on our community. 

The proceeds from our 2017 CARITAS fundraiser benefit the expansion of our services to those who are addicted. We have the history and expertise to care for those who are in recovery. Most importantly, we have the heart for it. 


The event also included awards to several of our caregivers and community partners for their servant leadership.  Our 2017 honorees include:

St. Vincent de Paul Award – William Denihan, retired CEO of the ADAMHS Board of Cuyahoga County, for his 40-plus years as a public servant to Greater Cleveland.  


Radiant Spirit Award – Cathy Kopinsky, director of community outreach at SVCMS, who works selflessly, compassionately and generously in the Central Neighborhood. 


Physician of the Year – Dr. Albana Dreshaj, a compassionate caregiver who advocates for her patients and regularly works to coordinate care plans for patients struggling to remain stable in their community. 


Clinical Nursing Excellent Awards – Nurses Mary Ann Naumann, Spine and Orthopedic Institute,  and Cindy Amos, Behavioral Health, who demonstrate our core values – quality, integrity, teamwork and respect – every day as they serve patients and as mentors for other nurses. 

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St. Vincent Charity is grateful for the support from many at CARITAS 2017, including: 

Medical Mutual
St. Vincent Saint Luke’s Medical Staff

Legacy Health Services

GMA Consultants
Elizabeth P. Macintyre, MD and Joseph A. Sopko, MD
Mansour Gavin
David F. Perse, MD
Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland

Cleveland State University
Frantz Ward LLP
Hyland Software
James and Cathy Kavalec
Kohrman, Jackson & Krantz LLP
Ewald E. Kundtz, III, MD
Medic Management Group LLC
Tim and Bridget O’Callahan
Carla O’Day, MD
Timothy and Donna Panzica
PNC Bank
RPM International Inc.
Sisters of Charity Health System
Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine
Tom and Susan Strauss
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard N. Stulberg

Richard Chmielewski, MD
John Collis, MD
Zydrunas and Jennifer Ilgauskas
Louis Keppler, MD
M&M Administrators Inc.
M&M Management and Consulting Inc.
Paladin Protective Services
Saint Ignatius High School
St. Vincent Charity Medical Center Senior Staff
Christina Walker and James McNealy

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