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Rosary Hall

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A Legacy of Compassion and Excellence

Founded in 1952, Rosary Hall has been at the forefront of treating alcoholism and drug dependency for more than 60 years. In fact, its founder, Sister Ignatia Gavin, worked hand-in-hand with Dr. Robert Smith after he co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous in Akron, Ohio. Today, Rosary Hall’s innovative efforts continue to be fueled not only by decades of proven experience in treating more than 60,000 men and women, but also by the compassion that is a hallmark of St. Vincent Charity Medical Center.

We believe that people heal people. That’s why Rosary Hall places great emphasis on the development of its staff. Led by two of the leading physicians in addiction medicine, our team of chemical dependency nurses, counselors, social workers, recovery coaches, case manager and volunteers form the Rosary Hall family.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Legacy of Sr. Ignatia Gavin, CSA, Founder of Rosary Hall

In 1952, a tiny 63-year-old nun undertook a formidable assignment – move from Akron to Cleveland to serve alcoholics at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center. Sister Ignatia had previous experience treating alcoholics at Akron’s St. Thomas Hospital, where she worked with Robert H. Smith, MD, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. Revered as the “Angel of Mercy,” Sister Ignatia worked tirelessly raising money for Rosary Hall and treating patients until her retirement in 1965. By that time, Rosary Hall was considered one of the finest treatment centers in the nation. Sister Ignatia leaves a legacy of caring devotion to more than 20,000 alcoholics during her life.

Sacred Heart Badge

The Sacred Heart Badge is given to all those who participate and complete Rosary Hall treatment programs. The familiar badge owes its origin to St. Margaret Mary. On one occasion, Christ appeared to her, he expressed the wish that those who loved him should wear or carry a picture of his Sacred Heart. St. Margaret Mary responded by making some little pictures which she and her friends carried. These were really the first Sacred Heart Badges.

The Sacred Heart Badge symbol serves to remind us of Christ’s love for each of us. The Badge has proven to be a comfort, an inspiration, a source of spiritual strength as a sacramental or visible sign by which God’s benediction is invoked on the person who has one.

When Sr. Ignatia Gavin, founder of Rosary Hall, worked at Rosary Hall, she presented every client with a Sacred Heart Badge upon completion of the program. Rosary Hall still keeps this Sr. Ignatia’s tradition alive and well today.


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we’re doing what we do best. Giving. So throughout our anniversary year, we will hold events where we give in allotments of 150. It’s our way of saying thank you to our dear friend of 150 years, the entire Cleveland community.

Regina Brett Community Talk

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center hosted New York Times bestselling and local author Regina Brett at a community event to raise awareness of the warning signs and challenges of dealing with mental health issues. The event coincided with National Mental Health Awareness Month and 100% of the funds raised went to support St. Vincent Charity’s nationally-recognized Psychiatric Emergency Department.

Spring Clean Up

We’re donating 150 volunteer hours from St. Vincent employees to clean up E. 30th Street in the Campus District area. Because giving back is good for Cleveland, good the community and even better for all of us.

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