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Contact Rosary Hall at 216.363.2580 - press 4 to speak with a Caregiver immediately.

Rosary Hall

“If you are really ready for recovery, Rosary Hall is the best place to start. They will let you know exactly what is happening and what is going to happen throughout your recovery process—no sugar coating.”

Freedom from Addiction

The battle to be free from alcohol or drug dependency is never easy, but it can be won. At Rosary Hall, patients and their families find the road to freedom in a recovery process that’s compassionate, comprehensive and one of the best in the country. In fact, Rosary Hall is the only addiction treatment center in the region to provide a full spectrum of the most current treatment options, from hospital detoxification to community-based rehabilitation, to the latest medication-assisted treatments.

Treatment That’s Just for You

Every patient has unique needs in his or her personal battle to break the stronghold of addiction. Through an individual evaluation, we will determine where you are in the addiction process and develop a comprehensive, individualized plan that combine’s today’s cutting edge treatment options with a compassionate, human touch. Tailoring a plan to fit each individual is an essential component to returning to a life free from addiction.

Expertise at Every Step

An effective treatment program involves many steps and a commitment from each patient. That’s why Rosary Hall provides a continuum of care founded on the 12-step, abstinence-based model. This continuum of care seamlessly transitions patients through a process of inpatient medical withdrawal/detoxification to outpatient rehabilitation and into community-based support networks.

Our Experts

Chris Adelman, MD
Medical Director of Rosary Hall
Addiction Medicine

Ted Parran, Jr., MD, FACP
Associate Medical Director of Rosary Hall
Addiction Medicine

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Proven Care, Conveniently Located

Located in the heart of downtown Cleveland, Rosary Hall offers convenient access to care for those living and working in the city, as well as its surrounding suburbs.


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Join us in our 150th year of service as we launch a more than $125 million vision over the next decade for an integrated medical campus in downtown Cleveland. With $34 million committed, we begin with Phase II, a four-year $50 million plan to support critical improvements. Learn more

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