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Radiology at the Main Campus


As a full-service radiology department, our Main Campus location handles all inpatient as well as outpatient radiology needs, including:

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a painless and safe diagnostic procedure that uses a very powerful magnet and radio waves to produce highly detailed images of organs, tissues, and bodily structures without the use of X-rays or other forms of radiation.
Creates images using sound waves to look at the organs in the body.
CT or CAT Scan
Uses x-ray from many different viewpoints to create a detailed image of the body.
Nuclear Medicine
Utilizes injections so that a certain area of the body can be scanned to detect abnormalities such as thyroid disorders or heart conditions.
Digital Mammography
Uses digital imaging to examine breast tissue.
Uses images and light to show different structures such as bone or tissue.
Bone Densitometry
Measures the amount of bone mineral present and tests for osteoporosis or fracture.
Special Procedures

Interventional radiology, angiography (imaging of blood vessels), angioplasty (placement and management of stents to open narrowed or blocked arteries), dialysis catheters and shunts.


Same-day appointments are available and can be made by calling Community Wide Scheduling at 216-241-6201. If you have questions about the procedures, please contact our main radiology department at 216-363-2592.

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