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Managing Workers' Compensation Claims

compensation claims

The health of the U.S. economy depends on a healthy and productive workforce, yet U.S. Department of Labor surveys estimate 4.4 million work-related injuries and illnesses occur at a cost of $49 billion each year.

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center Occupational Health offers a seamless, integrated approach that provides maximum effectiveness in the treatment and management of work-related injuries.

This model combines the responsiveness of an independent occupational health center with the full resources of a hospital. Benefits to employers include:

  • Work status and care plans immediately available to employers and managed care companies.
  • Physicians employ modified-duty and early return-to-work protocols to reduce lost-time days.
  • In most cases, employees return to work same day.
  • 92% of visits result in non-prescriptive therapy
  • OSHA record-ability is a high priority of our staff

Vocational Rehabilitation: A Return-to-Work Model

Aggressive rehabilitation accelerates recovery, reduces time away from work and leads to increased productivity. By employing job-specific therapies, our licensed physical and occupational therapists provide treatment throughout every stage of the recovery process, focused on returning employees to full-duty status.

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center Occupational Health provides the following:

  • Treatment plans which incorporate exercises that simulate essential job functions
  • Early return to full-duty status when employee demonstrates the ability to safely perform their original job
  • Fully equipped rehabilitation center, including the BTE Work Simulator, a device capable of duplicating virtually any job-related task
  • Patient instruction on proper body mechanics to promote a safer workplace

Hospital Network Support

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center maintains an integrated medical management approach that extends the occupational health model to its emergency department. This seamless integration promotes a full continuum of care and the assurance that each case is efficiently managed. This framework continues to be a tremendous success.

To learn more about Occupational Health at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center, call Kari Duff at 216-316-9298.

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