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Meet Our Team

Our Team

Interested in starting a health literacy initiative at your organization? We can help. To learn more or schedule a training or workshop, please contact Karen Komondor at 216.363.2553 or email her at

Meet our Team

Karen Komondor, RN, CCRN

Chair, Health Literacy Institute
Director of Education at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center

As Director since 2003, Karen is responsible for all aspects of staff and program development and Patient Education. She has more than 30 years experience as a Registered Nurse in a variety of roles including critical care staff nurse, fixed wing air transport nurse and critical care educator. From her many years of experience with patients, she recognized the importance of Health Literacy’s relationship to patient care and was the first to coordinate a system-wide program that served to promote Health literacy awareness. Funded by the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland, SVCMC began its Health Literacy Initiative in 2007 in collaboration with Project Learn, Greater Cleveland’s premier adult literacy center. Since that time, Karen has led the initiative with a goal to promote Health Literacy across the continuum of patient care. Karen received Project Learn’s Individual Friend of Health Literacy Award in April, 2010.

  • Leslie Andrews, Diabetes Coordinator
  • Teresa Calhoun, Health Advocate
  • Jennifer Delrio, Clinical Dietitian
  • Mariellen Desmit, Diabetes Educator
  • Joyce Emley, Critical Care/IT Educator
  • Linda Foy, Infection Control Practitioner
  • Wendy Hoke, Vice President, Marketing and Communications
  • Cathy Kopinsky, Project Coordinator, Mission Outreach
  • Jean Mendis, Deaf Access Program Coordinator
  • Christine Miceli-Hahn, Program Director, Bariatric Surgery
  • Liz Moro, Educator
  • Ifijen Oleghe, MD, Internal Medicine Resident
  • Richard Peterson, CEO, Project Learn
  • Laurie Prokasy, IT Educator
  • Debra Randazzo, Occupational Therapist
  • Cathy Rhoades, Clinical Applications Analyst
  • Roseanne Stauder, Clinical Dietician
  • Lisa Triska, Health Care Navigator
  • Jodie Zlotnik, Clinical Manager Pharmacy

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