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Nonsurgical Options

More than once I've watched people do a double take or they really have to concentrate on who I am. The absolute best compliment I can get is "I didn't recognize you!" I can't hear that enough. Thank you for your support, the education you gave me and for being behind me the whole way.

— Susan, lost 95 pounds following the weight loss program and surgery.

Medical Weight Loss

Surgery is only one option, and it’s not for everyone.

That’s why St. Vincent Charity Medical Center offers a number of non-surgical options for patients who don’t qualify for bariatric surgery or want to try a different solution.

No matter the direction you choose, St. Vincent Charity will provide you with one-on one, personalized care throughout your journey. Weight loss programs aren’t about making a cosmetic change. This is about changing an entire lifestyle and the way you think about nutrition and exercise.

Physician/Dietitian Weight Loss Program

  • Physician and dietitian visit with the patient on a monthly basis for at least 3-9 months, depending on individual need and/or insurance requirements.
  • Physician oversees the program, determining the best approach for the patient to lose weight.
  • Dietitian monitors the patient’s intake of calories and nutrients at each visit and provides education on a different topic each month.
  • Promotes weight loss and exercise and improves a patient’s nutrition knowledge.

Liquid Diet Program

  • Physician-supervised program to jump start weight loss.
  • Patients are placed on a diet of liquid and nutrition bar supplements for two-week intervals, depending on weight loss progress.
  • Labs and biweekly visits with the physician are required.
  • Patients are transitioned to the maintenance diet with the aid of a dietitian.

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to schedule an appointment.

I just thought I would take a minute to check in and let you know how things are going since my last visit. I have settled into a weight of between 185-190 lbs and check regularly to see how I'm doing. If I have a week that puts me a little over I know I need to watch myself more carefully. While I still eat smaller portions (that was the best lesson!) I can enjoy a treat now and then. I'm down to a size 16 so I'm in the regular section of stores. That was a goal I had but wasn't sure if I would ever reach!

It's funny how often people don't recognize me when they see me!  More than once I've watched people do a double-take or they have to really concentrate on who I am. The absolute best compliment I can get is ‘I didn't recognize you!’ I can't hear that enough!

I have been off of my blood pressure medication for a few months. I have more energy and my bones and joints just don't hurt like they used to. It's absolutely amazing how much of a difference losing weight makes. I don't get winded walking up the stairs like I used to and I can even jog up them now.

I still want to thank you for all of your help and support! My life has changed A LOT and for the better! My husband is immensely proud of me and I believe that watching me work this hard to reach the goal and having conversations about my choices has brought us even closer. While my kids don't really say much, they do know that Mommy couldn’t eat certain foods because she was getting healthier.  

So thank you. Thank you for your support, the education you gave me and for being behind me the whole way. Thank you to all of the staff at the Center for Bariatric Surgery for their kindness, even if it was just a smile as I passed in the hall. I may not have had the surgery but I consider myself a success anyhow and you all are a part of my story. I may not be the skinniest girl but I'm a happier girl!

— Susan H., lost over 80 pounds following the physician/dietitian weight loss program

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