Clinical Pastoral Education


St. Vincent Charity Medical Center is fully accredited to offer Residency and Internship Programs of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). Clinical Pastoral Education is an action-reflection model, grounded in a person-centered approach to pastoral ministry. The actual practice of ministry becomes the content for reflection and learning. As CPE Students visit patients on their assigned units, they collect case studies, called verbatim reports, to be submitted during seminars for feed-back and learning. The group experience is a vital part of learning about the spiritual and emotional needs of patients, including families of patients and medical staff. The Learning Covenant is made by each CPE Student to determine personal, professional, and emotional growing edges articulated as goals. In an interfaith peer group and in consultation with a certified ACPE Supervisor, students evaluate the effectiveness of their ministry within the context of their faith tradition. The behavioral sciences are integrated into the learning. At St. Vincent Charity Medical Center, CPE Students gain valuable experience as pastoral care ministers. Through this learning process CPE Students become effective pastoral ministers in a medical center, senior center for assisted living, nursing home, hospice, palliative care, and/or prison ministry. 


ACPE Programs at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center

One Year ACPE Residency (4 units)

Five full-time positions are available each year, to include Supervisory CPE.

  • Available each year from September through the following August
  • Yearly stipend of $25,000, including health benefits, free parking and paid time off
  • Tuition for each unit is $450 (non-refundable)

For More Information:

For application, consult the ACPE website and for more information about our programs, call (216) 363-7471 or contact:

Joseph F. Viti
ACPE Supervisor
Sisters of Charity Health System
2351 East 22nd Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

This program is accredited through the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, One West Court Square, Suite 325, Decatur, GA 30030. For additional ACPE information, visit

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