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About Our Programs

As a teaching hospital, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center is focused on providing a new generation of health care providers with an excellent medical education and a shared passion for meeting the healthcare needs of the community.

Program Description

  • Dedicated to practicing and teaching the Core Competencies:
    • Patient Care
    • Medical Knowledge
    • Practice-based Learning and Improvement
    • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
    • Professionalism
    • System-based practice
  • Excellent preparation for practice and/or fellowship training
  • Forward-looking academic community medical center environment affiliated with North East Ohio Medical University
  • Program fosters resident responsibility and autonomy for patient care and for education
  • Extensive and diverse patient base
  • Ethnically integrated medical staff
  • Emphasis on general internal medicine
  • Unique Features of the Program:
    • End of life (palliative care) training
    • Pain management
    • Communication skills
    • Ethics
    • Cost and documentation training
    • Formal geriatric teaching; including nursing home rotations
    • Physical examination skills
    • Board Review Sessions
  • Success in obtaining sub-specialty fellowships
  • Great call schedule

Hospital-based Training

  • One-on-one teaching with attendings
  • 24 hour direct access to attendings
  • No middle person (subspecialty fellows) to take away procedures
  • Ideal inpatient ward teams: one attending physician, two teams  with one team consisting of either a supervising resident and 2 interns OR 2 senior floor residents.
  • Patient load meets Residency Review Committee guidelines: limit of 5 admissions per day and no more than 12 patients under your care at any one time
  • Cardiac center with open-heart surgery, sophisticated catheterization labs and cardiac rehabilitation center
  • IV Therapy Team and Phlebotomists are available for IV insertions and blood draw functions
  • Comfortable hospital environment allows residents to know all their peers, attendings, consultants, nurses, technicians and social workers within a short time
  • Team approach to patient care with nursing staff, physical/occupational therapist, respiratory therapist, social services and pastoral care
  • Addiction medicine and fully supported detoxification facilities
  • Unique Wound Care Center
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy facilities. 24/7 access to community
  • Long-Term Acute Care Unit on premise

Ambulatory care practice


  • Resident assumes primary responsibility for his or her own panel of patients in the regular weekly ambulatory practice (one half day per week).
  • Excellent teaching and supervision with a 1:4 attending to resident ratio
  • Experiences include residents' primary care practices, subspecialty clinics and nursing home visits: - primary care and subspecialty services are delivered through the Ambulatory Care Center (HCC) at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center.


  • A variety of ambulatory options available in each attending's private office providing experience in ‘how the successful do it!’
  • Follow single attending physician through an entire month to grasp concepts of professional practice and time management
  • Acclimatization to nursing homes and system based practice of medicine within the realms of such institutions.
  • Use of information technology and available tools (including the internet) towards electronic medical record keeping, electronically generated new and refill prescriptions and the virtual script pad, just to name a few applications.
  • Exposure to outpatient billing and coding procedures and guidelines. The residents in our program have the advantage of learning the appropriate documentation to help professional billing specialists’ code diagnosis appropriately. They also have the opportunity to learn from some of our experienced physicians who do their billing and coding themselves first hand.
  • A broad based patient network including community health centers, urban and suburban settings and managed care settings depending on the locations of the physician offices
  • We have designed ‘expectation forms’ for the residents to define and communicate their goals to the respective attending and help evaluate achievement at the end of the rotation.
  • The ambulatory rotation attending devotes committed teaching time, both didactically and towards practical experience depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the resident.
  • Sufficient exposure to different primary care tracks during residency help residents decide on choice of their practice proportions between outpatient and nursing home patients

Average Yearly Rotation Schedule

Floor rotation3 - 4 months
Unit rotation2 - 3 months
Night float rotation1 - 1.5 months
Ambulatory rotation1 - 1.5 months
Core diff1 month
Vacation1 month

Floor rotation2 - 4 months
Unit rotation2 - 3 months
Primary Care and subspecialty electives3 - 4 months
Night float rotation1 month
Vacation1 month

Floor rotation2 months
Unit rotation0 -2 months
Primary Care and subspecialty electives7 months
Night float rotation0 - 1 month
Vacation1 month

This reflects 2013-2014 schedule. The rotations are flexible to meet the needs of each student.

Call Schedule - The schedule is available online at


  • Floors: Interns and residents are on call every 4th night until 9 PM
  • Units: Interns and residents are on call every 4th night
  • Nightfloat: Interns’ and residents’  shifts start from 9 PM to 7:00 AM (Morning Report from 7:30 to 8:30 AM)

Typical Daily Ward Schedule

TimeMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday/ Sunday
7:30 a.m.Morning ReportMorning ReportCMDT Board Review SessionMorning ReportMorning ReportOnly when on call or post call
8:30 a.m.Work RoundsWork RoundsWork RoundsWork RoundsWork RoundsWork Rounds
10:00 a.m.Attending Teaching RoundsClinical Management RoundsAttending Teaching RoundsClinical Management RoundsAttending Teaching RoundsWard Work
12 NoonCore LectureCore/ Subspecialty LecturesMedical Grand RoundsCore LectureResident's Case Conference
1:00 p.m.Ward Work -and/or- *Resident Continuity ClinicWard Work -and/or- *Resident Continuity ClinicWard Work -and/or- *Resident Continuity ClinicWard Work -and/or- *Resident Continuity ClinicWard Work -and/or- *Resident Continuity ClinicWard Work
5:00 p.m.Sign-out RoundsSign-out RoundsSign-out RoundsSign-out RoundsSign-out Rounds

*Each resident will get at least 1 full day off every week. 

*All categorical and preliminary residents are responsible for ambulatory outpatient clinics one half day per week throughout the three years of training. Residents are the primary physicians for patients in their continuity clinics. Resident continuity clinics are assigned at either St. Vincent Charity Medical Center or at Saint Luke's Medical Center.

Salary and Benefits

Level of TrainingAnnual Salary

Health Benefits

Residents receive health coverage through the Hospital's flexible health benefits program. This includes the opportunity for medical coverage, dental coverage, dependent life insurance, and long-term disability coverage. A life insurance policy equal to the resident's salary is provided at no charge to the resident. At an additional cost, the resident may elect supplemental life insurance. 

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage
Residents are covered by the Hospital's professional liability insurance while performing duties within the scope of their medical education program.

Educational Allowance
The purpose of the educational allowance is to encourage residents to attend local,, and national medical conferences, meetings, seminars and/or board review courses.  The funds may also be used to purchase medical supplies needed during residency training i.e., journals, medical textbooks, up to $200 of the allowance is reimbursable for the purchase of a smart phone; stethoscopes and or ophthalmo/otoscope sets.  The following regulations apply for each level of residency training:  PGY1-$500; PGY2-$500 and PGY3-$500.

Meal Allowance (cover the cost of meals in the hospital) are provided to resident residents who are assigned to on-call Ward and ICU rotations

Personalized lab coats are provided to each resident.  Internal Medicine Residents receive a $100 uniform allowance for the purchase of personal scrubs.  

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center provides convenient "free" parking to all residents.

Personal Time Off
Clinical resident receive (20) working days of personal time off per academic year.  These days are inclusive of vacation time and sick leave.   The program also permits residents to take (3) job/fellowship interview days and (3) days for attending a conference, meeting, seminar or research presentation.  These days are over and above the days for paid time off.

Maternity / Paternity Leave
Clinical residents (male and female) are permitted up to 12 weeks maternity leave. Please see ABIM information regarding Board Eligibility.

Secrets of our Success

  • We anticipate residents' needs and are proactive in meeting them
  • The St. Vincent Charity Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Program is driven by residents.
  • Program Director constantly searches for ways to improve the program and involves residents in all aspects of the process - from generating the ideas to implementing them.
  • Features: - Annual resident retreat to evaluate program - Program Director's and Program Administrator's doors are always open - Program administration is committed to residents.
  • Responsibilities for patient care are shared between interns, residents and attending physicians; interns are never left alone to make difficult decisions. Medicine here is a team effort.
  • Rich network of subspecialists available to residents for consultation.
  • Continuous personal feedback - where you stand, what is working well and what still needs some polishing - also includes: - semi-annual reviews with Program Director - verbal evaluations at the end (and often, during) each rotation.
  • Procedure documentation and evaluation system verifies your skills for credentialing when you apply for a position after residency.
  • In-Training Examinations will tell you what you need to emphasize to ensure passing the ABIM Certifying Examination.
  • 360° evaluations for all members of St. Vincent Charity Medical Center with the use of - the complete online evaluation procedure, duty-hour and resident training system.
  • Our Residency Office staff is great - friendly, helpful and supportive.

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