Quality and Patient Safety

Our commitment to patient safety

The Institute of Medicine has outlined six aims of quality care that most hospitals follow. The six aims and what they mean for patients are:

  1. Safe: Care should be provided so that patients do not suffer harm.
  2. Effective: Your care should follow the most effective and up-to-date guidelines for care.
  3. Efficient: We should be good stewards of your resources and provide you care that is cost-effective.
  4. Timely: We should provide you care as soon as possible without long waits or delays in receiving care, service or results.
  5. Patient-centered: Your care should revolve around you and respect your wishes and put you in control.
  6. Equitable: It is our mission to care of everyone, regardless of race, gender, income or any other demographic factors.

Source: Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century / Institute of Medicine

How are we doing?

If you have a patient safety complaint or question, please contact our Quality Department at quality@stvincentcharity.com. You can also call, 216.241.6256.

You have the right to direct any concerns about safety or your care to anyone you believe appropriate.

You also have the right, if you choose, to contact the Ohio Department of Health, The Joint Commission, or if you are a Medicare beneficiary, you may contact the Peer Review Organization, KePRO, Inc.

The contact information is found at The Joint Commission.


Linda Foy, Infection Prevention and Control Practitioner, ICP 
Director of Patient Safety

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